Balance Freedom

  • Control how you work and your schedule
  • Manage the level of business and income you want and the freedom of more time with family, friends, and those other activities you have passion for
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Get paid for value, not for your time

Eliminate the Corporate Stress as You Receive Support as an Entrepreneur

  • We help you become a successful entrepreneur and break away from the corporate trauma
  • Be the one delivering innovative solutions during the construction design phase
  • Be a key advocate for architects for the benefit of clients, contractors, and their internal teams
  • Use your ability to build strong relationships and bring clear value to clients

Compensated as an Owner for the Value You Provide

  • Get recognized for the value of your extensive and deep expertise
  • Be financially rewarded as an owner - Individual estimated target revenue is $100K first year, $200K second, rising to $300K+ third year and beyond
  • Have a seat at the owner's table
  • You have the freedom to go above and beyond for an even higher level of success. As an entrepreneur and owner, that is entirely up to you

Are You...


Grateful for the opportunity, grateful for our clients.


Giving value before expecting anything in return.


Able to get the right answer.

If so, then you share the MACC Estimating Group core values! That's an important place to start.


"I used to lead 175 employees and spend 12+ hours a day and most Saturdays at the office. Now I have a business with no employees, and I work from home with time for other things, and keep almost everything I make." - Jim Paras, Founder of MACC Estimating

Frequently asked questions:

No. You will own your own business and be an independent contractor to the MACC Estimating Group.

Yes and No. Each estimator has the freedom of movement with his clients. However, it is expected that each estimator is an expert in the market(s) that they serve.  You won’t be providing value to your client pursuing or following a project to a market that you do not know.

Yes. You can exercise your entrepreneurial skills with any unrelated business venture you wish.  However, to maintain your agreement with MACC, you are required to maintain a 3-year annual average billing amount of $250K+.

No. You have to do the work to get your clients, but we will coach you through our business development process.

Yes, we provide you with the estimating software and tools you will need for conceptual and database-driven estimating.

Home office, computer, a couple monitors, good Wi-Fi and cell service, and professional liability insurance.

You set your own pricing for your clients. Fees are always set as a fixed amount that you determine is appropriate for the value that you provide.

There is no good way to measure an average. Each project is unique in size, scope, number of estimates, turnaround times, etc…

Generally speaking – No. Each estimator is required to enter into an agreement with MACC. MACC’s purpose is to provide life changing opportunities to former contractors – not build a consultancy firm. However, it is possible to create a co-venture with other estimators to share various expenses or to just work and learn together.

MACC Estimating Group is a business that runs on EOS® [the Entrepreneurial Operating System]. 

We subscribe to living your ideal entrepreneurial life, also known as the EOS Life®.

Learn More about EOS >


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