We deliver accurate cost estimates, with detailed context, supporting rationale, solutions and alternatives

An understanding of what stands behind the estimate gives an architect greater confidence in the project as a whole and better overall results for the client.

Can you be confident in a cost estimate when it lacks supporting rationale?

You can’t. Many architects end up settling for an academic estimator without construction experience who provides an estimate with limited or no supporting rationale.

Leading architects rely on MACC estimators to deliver accurate estimates with supporting rationale, defend your ideas and design, and establish a solid design phase cost estimate foundation on which to build maximum client value.

How We Do It.

Former General Contractors

Our estimators are former general contractors with extensive local market construction expertise. Each member of our group has worked in the industry for decades, has bid room experience, knows the ins and outs of their market, and can defend your design. 


How our experience as general contractors benefits you 

  • We’ve won and lost jobs in the bid room. We know all the ins and outs of what happens in the weeks, days, hours, and final minutes of creating multi-million dollars bids.
  • We know the risks involved during the estimating process with all types of projects, because we have put our own fortunes on the line.
  • We built what we bid. Nothing connects the dots of experience more than moving a job from the bid room to the jobsite for execution.
  • We know our market, who to call for help, and who is likely to bid.
  • We can help you in so many more ways than estimating, because we are not just estimators.

"MACC estimators have relevant experience from being former general contractors. They are able to critique the design work, offer improvements, and assist in the process of working with the general contractor. With this pedigree, MACC estimators come from a place of experience and knowledge."
-- Steve Roth, Principal Architect, Architects West

"We really appreciate the general contractor background of MACC estimators…it's street cred with our clients."
-- Melissa McFadgen, Principal Architect, NAC Architecture

"Few estimators come from the contracting world…that is a key point of differentiation for MACC."
-- Vince Campanella, Vice President of Preconstruction, Lydig Construction

Estimates with Supporting Rationale

MACC has built our reputation by consistently delivering accurate cost estimates with supporting rationale. Our team is able to speak from the perspective of a bidding general contractor.

When your client asks “why”, having the rationale ready to support an estimate can make all the difference. MACC can paint the picture in clear terms from materials cost, to labor, to all of the unseen variables that only working decades as a general contractor can prepare you to explain in detail.

A MACC estimate is supported by detail, context, rationale, solutions and alternatives. As an architect, this gives you a full understanding of the estimate and greater confidence in the project as a whole.

"It's the background in providing materials and context, and working as a contractor that makes our numbers more credible."
-- Troy Bishop, Principal Architect, ALSC Architects

"MACC Estimators add value to the numbers…there is a wrap sheet or summary sheet to the estimates...a summary of ideas."
-- Russ Wolfe, Principal Architect, Wolfe Architectural Group

"We feel more confident in managing expectations upfront...key is the estimator."
-- Troy Bishop, Principal Architect, ALSC Architects

Clear Communication

MACC is a construction experienced advocate for you, the architect. MACC estimators are known for communicating well with architects, internal teams and clients. MACC estimators are often asked to speak directly with clients regarding the market and provide expert insight to why you’re making specific choices and recommendations.

In cases where a particular feature that would be cost prohibitive, MACC can provide alternative solutions and present them to clients in a way that satisfies their needs and accommodates their budget.

We bring “street credibility” to the cost conversation and reduce the noise that often contributes to an over-bid or under-bid outcome for your client.

"We value the MACC estimator's ability to be a good listener and understand our business. Not many estimators want to stand in the architect's shoes…trying to get the best value for our clients."
-- Russ Wolfe, Principal Architect, Wolfe Architectural Group

"MACC can present to our client and explain what is going on in the market. It's better coming from them as a specialist than from the architects."
-- Troy Bishop, Principal Architect, ALSC Architects

"For an estimator, the key is engagement and the questions they are asking and answering, such as, "What is NOT on the drawings?"
-- Vince Campanella, Vice President of Preconstruction, Lydig Construction

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NAC Architecture
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Wenaha Group
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