We Help Architects Get What THEY Want For, From, In & Out Of Their Projects!

An architect’s vision is important to any project and as former general contractors we rely on decades of experience to ensure reliable cost estimates through all phases of your design.

Have You Experienced An Overly Conservative Cost Estimate From A Typical Consultant Who Lacks The Credibility To Defend Their Opinion?

To avoid this frustration it is best to have a cost estimator in your corner who has actually been a contractor. One that operates like a true partner on the project, not trying to improve their bottom line and off-load their risk at the expense of your vision and the design of the project.

Get coaching and feedback from MACC experts

We are former contractors with decades of experience.

Deliver more value as we provide support and defend your ideas – your design.

Estimating and pre-construction technology solutions of an ENR Top 400 contractor.

Top 5 Things We Do Best

(better than our competition)

We estimate the project with the same process and in the same manner a general contractor bidding the project would or will do.

We have an intimate knowledge of the market because we have been a part of it for decades.

We have a large and diverse group of former contractor members to bounce around any ideas or issues that come up.

We have the estimating and pre-construction technology solutions of an ENR Top 400 contractor.

We have insider knowledge and know all of the games giving us the advantage to lay all cards on the table.

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