Estimators With Real Experience!

We are a team of former contractors who help architects get what they want for, from, in, and out of their projects. We are not consultants. We are more than estimators. We are MACC Estimating Group.

From our architect clients to our own group members, our focus is simple. We are here to uplift people.

A Little Bit About Us...

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What is "MACC"?

MACC is an acronym for Maximum Allowable Construction Cost.

Maximum allowable construction cost means the maximum cost of the work to construct the project.

  • It is a limit established that the project must not exceed.
  • It is also the budget that the Architect must design to.

Why are we a "Group"?

We are a group of former contractors who work together professionally. We are not a consultancy firm and we do not identify as “consultants”.

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Our Team of Estimators

Inside and out, our group understands how the contractor, the architect, and the estimate work together to accomplish the project ahead. Every one of our estimators have been a contractor in this industry for decades, making them an expert in providing the opinions we deliver. Each brings excellence to every conversation, relationship, strategy, and the project as a whole, partnering with our clients to produce accurate, timely, and thorough job estimates.

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