We are former general contractors with extensive local market construction expertise

We help architects during the project design phase by delivering accurate cost estimates, with context, supporting rationale, solutions and alternatives, giving you an understanding of the estimate and greater confidence in the project as a whole.

The Benefits of Working with MACC Estimating

MACC Estimating is a design phase construction cost advocate for leading architects. We’re able to consistently deliver accurate estimates because we are former general contractors with extensive local market construction expertise.

This allows us to support estimates with detailed context and rationale. Because we understand the contractor world, we’re able to listen and understand your needs and clearly communicate with you, your team, and your clients.

The result is an accurate estimate, with context, supporting rationale, solutions, and alternatives that give you greater confidence in the project as a whole.

  • Cost Advocacy For Leading Architects
  • Extensive Local Market Expertise
  • Accurate and Detailed Estimates
  • Estimates With Context and Supporting Rationale
  • Greater Confidence in the Complete Project

Why is MACC a “Group”?

MACC is a group of former general contractors who share the same core values and work together professionally. 

MACC Estimating Group Core Values:

  1. Grateful
  2. Helpful
  3. Resourceful

We’re not a consulting firm, and we’re not just another third-party cost estimating company.  We’re a group of construction cost advocates to leading architects with specialized knowledge.

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Our Team of Architect Advocates

Inside and out, our group understands how the architect, client, contractor, and the estimator work together to accomplish the project ahead. Everyone on our team has been a general contractor in the construction industry for decades, making them experts behind the estimates we deliver. Each advocate brings excellence to every conversation, relationship, strategy, and the project as a whole.


Jim Paras - Founder and CEO

Jim grew up in the family construction business. He made the entrepreneurial leap and started his own general contracting firm, growing it to 175 employees and running it for 21 years.

After retiring from contracting, an architect friend asked if Jim would provide construction cost estimating as a service for their projects in design. This became the launchpad for MACC Estimating Group.

Today, MACC Estimating Group exists to provide estimators with extensive local market construction expertise to architects nationwide.


Brian Sayler - Cost Estimator

Brian is a construction industry veteran as a supplier, subcontractor and general contractor. Brian’s role with MACC Estimating Group aligns with his passion for working with architects where he leverages his experiences to be that window into the contracting world that is not always visible to designers.

Brian provides near real-time estimates, transparency into how the subcontractors and general contractors operate, and ultimately maximize scope for the given budget.

Examples of Our Work