Brian Sayler

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Brian Sayler

“Get the real-world construction expertise your team needs” I’m a construction veteran with 27 years of experience in general contracting, sub-contracting and work as a supplier that allows me to understand all facets of the construction industry.

About Brian Sayler

Brian started in the trades as a teenager, worked as a draftsman in the family architecture business and graduated with a B.S. in Construction Management.

His passion is building and helping teams stay in alignment with project goals while providing insight into the less than transparent world of general contracting.

He spent two and half decades working in the commercial construction industry in projects of varying delivery methods and now gets the most satisfaction out of

helping others understand how contractors work and think while getting the most scope for the project’s budget.

  • Helping clients understand exactly “where the bones are buried” in a construction estimate
  • Conveying the perspective of the contractor when it comes to costs and risk
  • Cost Studies – helping to find the best solution for a given project, before the design is complete
  • Avoiding re-design with regular estimating intervals

What My Clients Say